Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Here Today—Gone Tomorrow: Snowmen and Transfers

So last week we shared the surprise snowfall and all that came with it, like snowmen on the streets and shoveling with dust pans, frozen hot water heaters and such things.  This kind of snow only comes every 5 to 10 years.  Even the Amamioshima island even got snow, which only comes every 100 years.  Oh, what a difference a week can make.  It warmed up for a few days and then has gotten cold again, but it is nothing like what it was a week ago.  We were so grateful that the snow cleared up and it was fairly nice for our big transfer day last Thursday too.  Hauling missionary luggage to apartments in the rain is sometimes hard, but was better than in snow.  We said goodbye to almost half of our zone.  It is hard to say goodbye to these young missionaries who we grow to love and respect.  But then we are so excited to also meet new missionaries who come with great new ideas and enthusiasm for this area. 
As it melted the snowman lost his nose!


Our Aloe plant before and after the snow.  Can you tell which is which?
We put bubble wrap on our louvered windows to keep the wind from blowing in, and it helped.

The neighborhood cats loved sitting on our warm car engine hood, until we came out.
Missionary transfer day with all of the luggage at the bus station.
Sometimes we have to fit four large pieces of luggage in our small car. 
Missionaries coming and going on the buses.

Two sister missionaries meeting for the first time on transfers.  They both happened to be wearing the same colors.  It was an inspired companionship!

More luggage. 

And more and more luggage.

Still more luggage!

The goodbyes and hellos, visiting in the terminals. 

A few get to come and go on the bullet trains (Shinkansen).
Most go by regular trains or buses--they love the one hour Shinkansen instead of the four hour bus ride!
Another view of our wonderful volcano.
(We usually take sunrise pictures, but here is a great sunset view)