Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Volcano, Earthquakes and A Typhoon

Sakurajima volcano is still on a level 4 alert holding pattern.  It is hoped that the alert will go back to level 3, the level it has been in for quite some time.  We hope so too.

There have been a few small earthquakes within the volcano.  There have also been a couple of larger medium size earthquakes just off our coast.  Luckily, these have not caused problems and we haven’t felt them. 

The other big news is that we were a direct hit for Typhoon Goni.  We had a lot of severe wind and rain all night.  Our house creaked and groaned.  At times we heard loud thumps, like someone was “body slamming” our house, but it was just heavy wind and rain.  We only had a little water leak with the big windows by our front door.  For a short time this morning, about 6:00 a.m., we were in the “eye of the storm.”  It was totally quiet, with no wind or rain.  I quickly went for a walk and took a few photos.  There were branches and leaves, and an occasional tree tipped over.  One of our neighbors carports got blown off, and others have damage.  We were grateful that there wasn’t more damage. 

The storm has moved on towards our mission headquarters in Fukuoka.  We are left with rain throughout this day. 

The protecting tarp from the last storm was blown off.

Our neighbor's carport was blown off.

Leaves and branches by the big taxi office, up our street.

Leaves all over cars and house windows.  Notice the "pond" that's forming around our car, from all the rain.

Before the trees were trimmed, they would hit a couple of lower power lines.

Out landlady and her son came to trim the trees a week a go.  They ended cutting down all the front bushes.  We were sad to see them go, but are grateful that we still have power. 

The typhoon swirling over us.

These are the weather charts we check every day.  We also use KSL Vortex weather app. 

A view of the volcano just after the typhoon was leaving us.  We are still having rain, but it now feels like a normal day.
This is such a beautiful and interesting place to serve.  We feel thankful to be here.

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