Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween in Japan

While Halloween is really a popular activity in the U.S. it is growing in popularity in Japan and other countries.  They don’t go trick or treating in neighborhoods, but people can take their children and go from store to store in the shopping areas.  When they see a sign or symbol on the store window here they know they can go in and receive a treat. 
We began planning some kind of a Halloween Family Home Evening activity nearly a month before Halloween.  We were pleased to have quite a few people come have fun with us at our church the day before Halloween.  Most of them dressed in really interesting and cute costumes.  The children loved it!  Missionaries helped plan the games:  Eating donuts on a string; black mystery boxes (with textured things to feel like brains, bones, eyeballs); relays where they had to wrap up in toilet paper like mummies; the limbo; and lots and lots of fun food!  In keeping with the theme of a Family Home Evening we had a short spiritual message at the end using a clip from Brother Randall Ridd’s basketball analogy video, staying focused on the right things in life.  Watch it.  You’ll love it!    (See if you can count how many times the ball is passed)
To see his talk and hear the point he was making you can watch the entire talk here: 

We only go to Costco (4 hours away) about every three months.  On our last visit we picked up these microwave popcorn, to make party treats. 

We made about 80 of these, to give people at the end of our party.  They were all very surprised, and seemed to love it.

We put Hershey's Kisses in the tips of some of them to use as decorations.

We didn't have any decorations, and had a large room with a tall ceiling, but picked up a few things at the Daiso dollar store.

Even though we didn't have a lot of decorations, it looked great.

I'm standing with two of my favorite buddies.

Children and adults seem to like doing the limbo.  Even people with disabilities did it with the bar high.  All laughed and had fun.

Eating a donut off a string was a hit.  Who doesn't like donuts?

Glenn and I went as Hawaiian tourists (although, I've never been to Hawaii), here with one of our friends.

A wide view of the activities.


The toilet paper mummy wrap was a lot of fun.  We had some cute mummies.
  We enjoy pictures of our Sakurajima volcano.  Yet another view from the large ferry port.  We haven't had a lot of ash the last few months.  It's been great.

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