Sunday, March 20, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Our Kagoshima Home Sweet Home by the Volcano

We were very thankful to live in a house, instead of an apartment.  Most couples live in apartments.  This house is a little old and rugged in places, but was quite comfortable.   Here are some photos.  A couple of shots are panorama.

A pan of the front.

Front Door Genkan. 

Looking down the main hall, on the left the first door knob is the toilet, second doorknob is the sink and shower area.  On the right are the two tatami mat rooms.  At the end of the hallway is the kitchen/office area.

Toilet Room
A panorama of the sink, shower area, with shower door open.
The first tatami room opens up to the second room.  The doors slide and can be removed to accommodate visitors.
Kitchen area.   Curtain to the left hides small washer/dryer all-in-one unit.  Two burner stove, good sized fridge, to the right is rice cooker and microwave.  We ate at the round table.  Printer is on rectangle table, which is the office space.  When we had groups for dinner, we put a table cloth on the big table (and stored the printer in the other room, or upstairs.) With folding chairs, we fit 12 people around table.
This is what it looked when we first arrived.  We decided to move the storage rack upstairs for non perishables.  This allowed us to use the big table better.

This is looking the opposite direction to the backyard.  The pictures of Christ on  the right wall are in frames from the dollar store.  The little covers on the chair feet are also from the Daiso dollar store.  The heater/air conditioner is up on the wall behind the light.

This is the washer-dryer unit.  It is small, but we were so thankful for it.  For large comforter cover and pillows, we went to the new coin laundry by the new 7-11.
Head upstairs for a few more rooms.
The first room was the closet, and drying rack room.  There are four closet doors.  The first two were just shelves where we stored Christmas decorations and other things.  The two doors near the window had clothes rods, that we shared.  There was also a clothes line and drying rack.  We looked out the window each day to see our wonderful Sakurjima volcano.
The middle room was a great place to store luggage.  This is where we moved the big rack,  and the nonperishables.
The last room is the sleeping room.  We washed the two Costco pillows at the coin laundry.  We put clean sheets on, and the brown blankets are over the pillow area to protect them from dust, until the new senior couple arrives.

We are so thankful to have been called to serve in the Japan Fukuoka Mission, Kagoshima City and Branch.  The church members are awesome.  They are the BEST.  It is not easy to leave children, grandchildren, comforts of home, but the gospel of Christ is true.  ITS TRUE!  So it is all worth it.

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