Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MTC Day 5

So we ended our last day of our week in the MTC with teaching, a testimony meeting, saying goodbye to our instructors Brothers Jacobs and Copans, and Sisters Fisher and Clegg, and to our district, the Hursts going to their own stake in Fruit Heights, the Lymans going to their own stake in the Wasatch Front, and the Andersons going to Argentina.

 Mom did a marvelous job teaching and everyone loved her hugs and compliments. They called our district they Enoch District so this is a picture of us being translated.

Our room was on the top left window of the Jacob Hamblin Building. It was a great week, but also great to get home and have dinner with all the family here. Now the final step is finalizing the suitcases for the long flight, deciding what to take out and leave on the plains to lighten our handcart. That's hard work.

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