Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week 3- Settling In

We have now experienced our first volcanic ash days this past two weeks.  The wind was blowing it around and even on days when rain was falling there was a dusty, gritty, dirt in the air.  People wear face masks, carry umbrellas, put coats or other things over their heads, put handkerchiefs over their mouths, squint a lot and just go about their business.  It deposits on the cars and streets, but eventually either washes away or blows away, or it has to be swept away.  We get it in our hair and on our clothes but it seemed to disappear eventually.
Ash Day

Closer look

Beautiful scenery in the neighborhood.

Zone Training Meeting with President and Sister Gustafson

Teaching English at the Volunteer Center
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A young woman who helped us said she felt a special warm and glowing feeling being around us and that the other woman for whom she was translating mentioned it too.  Maybe they feel the spirit in spite of our lack of words and being tongue tied.  At church meetings on Sunday a couple of people mentioned that we seemed very “Nihonteki” or “Japanese like”, which seemed like a compliment.  When Glenn was a young missionary he recalls President Watanabe telling him the same thing and felt it was a great compliment back then. It’s amazing how so many little things can feel like miracles to give thanks for.

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