Monday, March 23, 2015

The Harbor View

We recently had a fun adventure.  We dropped the two zone leader elders at the harbor so they could take an overnight ship to visit the elders twelve hours away in Naze on Amamioshima Island.  There’s a large floor sleeping area below deck, so they “camp out” for the night.  The winds were very strong, but they made the trip back and forth safely. 

We also walked along the sea wall path.  It was beautiful, with palm trees and a setting sun.  We felt like we were in some “dreamy” faraway, exotic place.  Wait a minute . . . we are in a faraway place—Japan!

It was also interesting to see the volcano from a different view. 

The weather was funny this week.  It was sixty degrees one day, and two days later forty degrees and snow flurries.  Several days after that we had volcano “ash and rain.”  (Some call it Haiame.  Hai is volcanic ash, and ame is rain).  We couldn’t see out of the car windows because of the muddy rain.  We had to wipe them off several times. 

A panoramic view of the walkway.


The elders and the friends they already made on the ship before departing.
Leaving the dock. 
The ferry passing in front of the volcano. 
Looking back at Kagoshima City from the harbor.

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