Monday, April 13, 2015

Living Here is a Blast; or More About the Volcano

It is so interesting living next to a volcano.  Every morning we look out the window to see which way the ash is blowing.  We hope that it is blowing out to sea, but several times a week it blows toward us, leaving a thin (sometimes thick) layer of ash on cars, plants, roads, etc. It’s like tiny gritty bits of glass.  People often wear medical face masks because of it.  I picked up a couple of chunks volcanic rocks, and got a glass sliver in my finger.  Note to self: wear work gloves.

We looked up some facts, and in general, the volcano erupts once every 4 to 24 hours.

In the 1970’s it erupted once a day.

In the 1980’s one or two per day, with volcanic bombs, some damage to cars and houses.

In 1995 there were long pauses, several days between explosions.

2000 to 2005 were 150 to 200 eruptions per year.

2006 to 2010 erupting between one to five day intervals. 

2015 March 16, one plume rose 14,000 ft. above the crater.

2015 March 18, ten eruptions

2015 March 27, 14 eruptions, one plume rose about 13,000 ft., and is in a very active phase.

Any country has challenging environmental things, such as tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanos, etc.  The important thing is to be alert and aware of our surroundings.  Our church has encouraged us to have an emergency preparedness backpack with some money, food, change of clothes, first aid kit that we can grab and run, if necessary.  We are also encouraged to have a good storage supply of water and nonperishable food.  “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear”.  (D&C 30:30) This gives us great comfort.  Aren’t we all in the Lord’s hands wherever we are anyway?  We will trust Him.

Here are some of our favorite photos of the volcano:



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