Friday, July 24, 2015

Birds, Butterflies, and Insect Bites

Recently, after visiting a family we home teach monthly, we noticed a hawk flying around.  We were near a picnic area by one of the sea walls (which keep back the water in stormy times).  Standing by the sea wall we were able to get a better look, and saw two large hawks.  We happened to have some bread with the groceries in our car trunk.  Yay.  We put out a few chunks.  The two hawks took turns swooping down to snatch the bread.  We laid out a long trail of bread crumbs along the top edge of the wall, then stepped quite far back.  It was amazing to watch their swift skill.

There are so many interesting birds here, many that we have never seen before.  Some make very odd sounds as they communicate to each other.  One day men were working in the woods near our home. The birds, mostly large black crows, were upset and were swarming overhead.  It was quite spooky.  This went on for a couple of days, until the workers left. The birds all settled down again.

With the flowers continually blooming, we see a lot of butterflies. Big black ones, with a little bit of color.  Sometimes it feels like they deliberately swoop by our heads.  At times we have to dodge them.  This is mostly in our neighborhood with all the shrubs and flowering plants.  We don’t see as many down the hill in town. 

Like most communities, we have a lot of insects.  Once or twice a week, Glenn rakes leaves and pulls weeds.  It is a jungle at times during the summer rainy season.  Most senior couples in Japan live in apartments.  We feel lucky to live in a house, but along with it comes the yard work.  He doesn’t have to be out in the yard very long, when he notices he has gotten bitten by something. He ends up with multiple bites.  In the spring, he could work in the early morning, when the insects were asleep.  With the heat of the summer, the insects are active all of the time.  He sure is brave.  As for me, I’m content to do the inside chores, like cleaning the toilet or the food trap in the kitchen sink.

This is such a beautiful place to live.  No matter where people live around the world, they can find beauty.  The Lord created some amazing places:  mountains, deserts, beaches, brush lands, caverns, rivers, lakes.  Nature is amazing.  We need to take time out of our busy schedules to look around us.  We are so blessed. Japan is beautiful, and so are the people.  And being missionaries is amazing.       
 On one of my walks I found this interesting fellow.  He must be a guard cat.  He and I had a staring contest.  He won.  He must be related to Garfield.

Looks like the hawk will pick up the ferry boat.

The hawk swooping down for the bread on the sea wall.
The hawk's beautiful graceful flight.
One of the big black butterflies on one of the large flowers.

Up close and personal.  This butterfly kept returning to the side of our house.  
Some of the beautiful flowers in our neighborhood.

Another unique flower.

Glenn "swells up" after his many bug bites.  Just kidding.  His shirt was catching the wind.

Another view of our active volcano.


  1. I just found your blog! So cool!

  2. Wow those butterflies look huge! I think they would scare me haha.
    I need to learn to appreciate nature more... I've been trying (trying is being used loosely here) luckily Scott likes nature and sometimes forces me to dwell in it :).
    Oh and that cat totally looks like Garfield ;).


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