Monday, July 13, 2015

Dinners, Spiritual Messages, and Games

People are curious about what we foreigners eat for meals.  We decided to have them over to let them see for themselves.  We have hosted quite a few dinners, and Family Home Evenings (FHE), with community friends, English class friends, and church members.  When we host other people, we usually fix my adapted version of chicken enchiladas, chicken tortilla salad, and cut up fruit. At home we might call it taco salad, but in Japan if you say “taco” they hear “tako” or octopus, so I call it “tortilla”.  Sometimes we fix chicken curry vegetables over rice, and cut up fruit. I prefer to make the enchiladas and tortilla salad, because it’s fun to serve something that many people haven’t tried.  People seem to like it (or at least are too polite to say they dislike it). 

We have done Thanksgiving dinner\FHE, Christmas dinners, Birthday dinners, Young Adult  FHE dinners, Friendship dinners, and “Thank You” dinners for those who help a lot of people. 
After the meal we have a short gospel message, then play a game.  We usually keep it within one hour to 1 1\2.  We have enough chairs for ten people, but could squeeze in fifteen with borrowed church chairs.  We only have room for two cars in our driveway, so people have to park on the narrow street, or at the church and shuttle over. 

The people we work with are so wonderful and hardworking. We wish we had the space, energy, and conditions to do more dinners.  We like to “serve” them, because they serve others is so many ways. 

A fun dinner with Akemi and her parents.

Cilantro is called Coriander in Japan and is hard to find. 

I make the chicken enchilada's ahead of time and sometimes stack them in the fridge.

Making a big bowl of cut fruit.

We prepared for fifteen and ended up with a fun group of six.
My chicken enchilada and tortilla salad.

Yummy curry vegetables and rice. 
We played a family home evening game called "Don't Eat Pete."

 We give short lessons like this segment from the April 2015 General Women's Conference. (And its even in Japanese)
P.S. If anyone would like to deliver a Papa Murphy Veggie Pizza, we'd love it!
Just kidding. 

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